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IRAN - Propeller Strike Inspection and Repairs

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A propeller strike can cause unknown hidden damage to the engine or other components, possibly leading to a catastrophic failure.

Your safety should be the first priority.

Whenever a propeller strike occurs, no matter how minor it appears, there are set mandatory inspections in place by all propeller, engine and governor manufacturers to determine the best course of action to follow for your safety, and to be in compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations.

Some of the determining factors for the propeller, engine and governor course of actions are:

  • Torn, bent or loss of blade tip
  • Excessive tip or radial play in blades
  • Vibration or sporadic operation
  • Loss or drop of RPM in engine

Any of these conditions are reasons for further inspections that  include tear-down or even overhaul of propeller, engine and governor.

IRAN - Engine Tear-Down Inspections and Repairs

In addition to prop-strike inspections, IRAN (inspect and repair as necessary) inspections for overspeed, overboost, hydraulic lock, cracked crankcases, crankshaft replacement, as well as fuel and oil contamination are also available.

IRAN Procedures include:

  • Engines disassembled and cleaned for inspection
  • Non-destructive testing of steel parts by magnetic particle inspection, ultrasound, and 10 power visual aid
  • Non-destructive testing of aluminum parts by liquid penetrant inspection as well as 10 power visual aid
  • All parts within the scope of the inspection are dimensional checked with calibrated measuring devices
  • Crankshafts are polished and measured and bushings are replaced
  • All parts are replaced per the manufacturer's requirements for the given inspection including: seals, gaskets, rod bearings, main bearings, rod bolts, rod nuts, all gear bolts, woodruff keys, counter weight pins, counter weight plates and counter weight retention clips
  • Engines are painted as a complete assembly
  • Finally all engines are test run per manufacturer's recommendations using an actual flight propeller for proper thrust load and governor for proper system operations check
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